About us
Our focus is on using Swedish quality and innovation to create the optimal solution for each separate work place, now and in the future. We have developed a patented prismatic lens solution for better light-control and we were among the first to introduce low-energy lighting in tough environments.
About us.
Lighting is a field that is under continuous development, not least because of our common responsibility for an environmentally sustainable society. Prismalence takes that task seriously and embraces the challenge of remaining at the cutting edge of development. Not shying away from tough challenges is what makes our company. It is also the path that we have chosen to continue following.

The technology is based on 30 years experience in the field of lighting. Previously we worked with UV and IR light. During the 1990s the task was to increase the range of UV light, which most people saw as very difficult. Then our predecessors produced a lamp that increased the range ten times. That is the spirit that we still have, the will to go beyond expectations.

Prismalence was started in 2003 to develop lighting with white light and since then has developed on many fronts. We developed our patented optical system with asymmetric light patterns for Ceramic Metal Halide and Xenon and have continued to develop it for LED.

It is about systems that can meet the highest standards found in industry. Today our products are in demand all around the world, from harbours in Peru to mines in Kiruna.

Our head office is in Örnsköldsvik and 60-70 percent of our products are exported, primarily to ports and heavy industry.




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Head office Sweden:

Prismalence AB
Hörnäsvägen 64
Phone: +46-(0)660-843 35
Fax: +46-(0)660-843 38
Daniel Björk: daniel.bjork(at)prismalence.se
Info: info(at)prismalence.se

Estonia office:

Yxus OÜ (reg. no. 10866172)
Hiiu 34 A
Tallinn, Harjumaa
Madis Kareda: Madis(at)yxus.ee
Phone: +3725069399

Finland office:

J. Cederberg AB
Johan Cederberg: johan(at)solljus.fi
Phone: +358503501987