Client focus.
Development and Environment.
Swedish quality.
We use Swedish quality and innovation to plan and deliver low-energy lighting systems for large installations such as steel-mills, nuclear power plants, sport arenas, airports and container ports.
Prismalence embraces the challenge of producing for an environmentally sustainable society by making products that use energy efficiently and last for a decades.
Our motto is Prismatic Excellence. We work with advanced prismatic lenses to deliver the right amount of light at the right place.
Today our products are in demand all around the world, from harbours in Peru to mines in Kiruna. Our head office is in Örnsköldsvik and 60-70 percent of our products are exported, primarily to ports and heavy industry.
we push development forward
Years of experience.
High competence.
Lighting is a field that is under continuous development, not least because of our common responsibility for an environmentally sustainable society. Prismalence takes that task seriously and embraces the challenge of remaining at the cutting edge of development.
We have over 30 years experience in the lighting field. During that time, we have chosen not to shirk difficult challenges which are the foundation of our company. “If it is easy, anyone can do it”.
  • 100% CUSTOMIZATION 100% 100%
  • At least 50% ENERGY SAVINGS 50% 50%
  • 100% FOCUS ON ENVIRONMENT 100% 100%
We are constantly working to develop our products and for an environmentally sustainable society. Follow our work through social media to receive our updates.
Your data is safe with us. We strictly follow the GDPR directive.

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Many new LED in our product range

We have increased our LED product range considerably and are introducing several new fixture series such as Ovik 10W to 200W and Lyse 400W to 1200W. Our new products are being added to our product page during the autumn as we finalise all the technical details.

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Prismalence in Asia

Prismalence have added Prismalence Asia to the family. Strategically situated in Singapore, Prismalence Asia will mostly cater to our Asian customers. Edwin Hu and Desmond Chua are the Prismalence Asia sales people. We are glad to have them on our team as they have...

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